With high-quality products at the most competitive prices, uniqueness in the philosophy of our stores and products, as well as constant investment in coffee expertise, certified by the world's leading coffee operators, Coffee Island carefully extends its network, based on its strategic planning.

We believe in fair business doing. That is why we offer the partners a business model free of financial commitments on their turnover. We also have productive autonomy and we constantly invest in Research & Development, coffee expertise and the right (theoretical & practical) training of franchisees and their staff in our standard campuses.

We provide franchise rights for 10 plus 10 years. We are responsible for finding a property from our property selection department based on the commercial mapping of each area for the suitability and the capacity of each property. The study and ergonomic design of the store by our architectural department as well as the exclusive supply of our products at very competitive prices (due to our own production units) are the main advantages of Coffee Island.

The constant support our partners receive by the company is non-negotiable (throughout our cooperation). Furthermore, their stores are fully equipped with mechanical equipment and products before the opening. Additionally, our partners are given access to our own online ordering platform, not requiring a minimum order and saving them valuable time. Last but not least, our Support Department is constantly present during the first days of operation to ensure that everything is at place, staying in close contact with the partners in case of need along time.

In addition to our proven successful investment proposal, we have designed Coffee Little Island, a new store model that meets the needs of markets with seasonality, lower population criteria or special conditions (based on specific criteria of each region) while ensuring the quality of products and services of Coffee Island's brand at a starting cost of €50,000 plus VAT.

These are some of the advantages that make us very competitive!

For further information about franchise, do not hesistate to fill out the contact form or send us an email at [email protected], and we will contact you shortly to proceed to a joint evaluation of the prospects for cooperation.

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