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El Salvador Pacamara

El Salvador Pacamara
(new product)
Arabica Varietal: Pacamara
Location: Los Naranjos
Country: El Salvador
Attitude: 1575m
Process: Natural
Roasting: Light to Medium

Cupping Notes
apricot • hazelnut • cocoa

The Story
This Pacamara coffee is grown in the San Jose farm located in the Santa Ana Volcano. The farm was established in the late 1890/s by the Ruffatti family and is consisted of 56 hectares of coffee plantation and 14 hectares of natural rainforest. The Inga trees (shade trees) keep the microclimate at 16oC, keeping the soil at a desired humidity for a longer period causing a very slow ripening. Then through the natural process, the perfect ripe cherries are selected, hand sorted and finally dried on raised beds.
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200 grams