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Alta Mogiana Brazil

Alta Mogiana Brazil
Grade: Specialty
Arabica Varietal: Mundo Novo, Yellow, Catuai, Bourbon Red
Location: Sao Paolo, Alta Mogiana
Attitude: 1.150 masl
Process: Pulp Natural
Roasting: Light to Medium

Cupping Notes
Cocoa, Walnut, Vanilla

The Story
Brazil Ametista took its name from Greek mythology, according to which Amethyst, used to be a beautiful nymph under Artemis’s. Dionysus turned her into a gem and seeking attonement, gave the stone a purple shade, his favourite colour, and the power to protect its carriers from poisoning. For centuries it was considered a remedy for drunkenness, courage and inner peace.
Ametista is an excellent coffee, with mild fragrance, excellent aroma, full body and pleasant sweetness. The preparation is pulped natural. The coffee cherry skin is removed and sun-dried on a raised drying bed with the flesh still attached to the skin.
French Press
Syphon Pour Over
Espresso Brikka
V60 Pour Over
Whole Beans
Filter Coffee Machine
Chemex Pour Over
Espresso Machine

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200 grams